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marvel heroes as disney villains

It can be said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many parallels with Disney. The rise of Disney+ has further cemented their bond with Marvel. For self-taught artist Anastasia Ivanova, the striking similarities of the two became a source of inspiration. Combining Marvel media with Disney, Ivanova creates stunning digital works that artistically blur the […]

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marvel disney plus day 2021 new shows

The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps getting bigger, with a slew of TV series coming to Disney+. The streaming platform is celebrating its second anniversary with plenty of updates about their upcoming television shows and movies. Among these announcements are numerous series reveals from Marvel Studios. One of the announcements revisits the iconic character Spider-Man.  The […]

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wandavision 23 emmy nominations 2021

WandaVision has snagged 23 Primetime Emmy nominations, marking the second-highest number of nominations this year. The show came close behind The Crown and The Mandalorian, both of which scored an impressive 24 nominations. Combined with the five nominations from The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Marvel and Disney+ brought in 28 nominations all together. Some […]

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upcoming Marvel movies black widow

Marvel gave us over a decade’s worth of incredible films during the first three phases, which came to be called the Infinity Saga. Fans were left wondering how the next era could compete. When President Kevin Feige revealed the next two phases, the anxiety quickly switched over to anticipation. With the introduction of multiple series […]

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halsey marianas trench

From the rock anthems that followed us through Iron Man to the timeless classics we danced to with Baby Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel has given us incredible soundtracks to coincide with their phenomenal movies. However, with the next phase of the MCU underway, we couldn’t help but think about how things could […]

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mcu bands, adele, my chemical romance, garbage, the cure

Music seems to know no boundaries, speaking a language that we all understand. It crosses all barriers and evidently all universes as well. From Carol Danvers donning a Nine Inch Nails shirt in Captain Marvel to the crazy connection between WandaVision and My Chemical Romance, the MCU appears to be filled with superheroes from the […]

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loki trailer

With just over a year passing since Disney+ launched, the new streaming service continues to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a slate of new series. Following the release of WandaVision and the current airing of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, all eyes are on what to expect next from Loki. Now, we’re getting […]

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Evan Peters Jeffrey Dahmer-min

Get ready American Horror Story fans because Evan Peters and Ryan Murphy are teaming up for a chilling new show. According to Deadline, Peters is starring in the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story as the infamous serial killer. The latest project from Murphy is also set to star Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, Penelope Ann […]

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marvel women superheroes, shuri, gamora, Valkyrie, scarlet withc, wandavision

We really don’t think it’s possible that we’re ever going to get sick of Marvel movies.  The comic universe is so expansive, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe just keeps getting better and better at translating those complex superhuman characters to the screen. Read more: See which ‘Stranger Things’ character matches your zodiac sign After 2019’s […]

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Spider Man Andrew Garfield Tobey Maguire Tom Holland

It’s time for your weekly update about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This week, Spider-Man: No Way Home sent fans into a frenzy over one simple post. As it turns out, Twitter may know something about those Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield casting rumors we don’t. Read more: Some fans think blink-182 and Tom DeLonge are […]

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