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Women in pop punk | Female artists in alternative music | Alternative Press

It’s well known that, historically, pop punk has been a bit of a boys’ club. But that just makes the continued influences of prominent women all the more impressive. From setting genre foundations (Gwen Stefani) to pushing sonic boundaries (Lynn Gunn), women have catalyzed the growth of the scene for decades. Of course, we’re not going to let […]

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Wendy's Twitter-min

National Roast Day has finally arrived. So, naturally, Wendy’s is hard at working tweeting some of the biggest burns and no account is safe. So far, Wendy’s has posted a few iconic tweets about Twilight, Reddit, Cash Cash and Fearless Records to help kick off the holiday. Read more: This new symbol just changed that theory […]

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Album artwork quiz, My Chemical Romance, The Fall Of Troy, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights

Did anyone else spend the bulk of their scene days meticulously adding album art to their iTunes catalog? No, just us? Album covers are particularly poignant sources of 2000s nostalgia—and not just because our screen obsessions started around that time. Rather, they gave us visuals (and even characters) to associate with the music that we loved most. […]

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2010s pop punk lyrics quiz

Pop punk‘s not dead! Do we have to scream it or should we just let the bands of the last decade speak for themselves? Despite the genre losing the mainstream popularity it had in the 2000s, the 2010s gave us some serious hits. Between the persistence of favorites such as All Time Low and new […]

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wendy’s national roast day

Wendy’s is the home of the Frosty, the 4 for $4 and fresh-never-frozen beef. But the fast-food chain is now also recognized for its unique Twitter presence. In fact, the brand is known to be incredibly savage on its page, directly tweeting at competitors such as McDonald’s and Burger King and roasting its own fans. […]

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Collabs Vans needs to do

Vans has done amazing, out-of-this-world collaborations to bring fresh designs to shoe lovers and punks everywhere. The company has incorporated NASA and National Geographic all the way to The Simpsons into its brand. These limited-edition collabs are cute and fun, and they often go for a lot of money on eBay if you keep them […]

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It's not a phase, mom. Continue reading…

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For decades now, fast-food restaurants have continued to break our hearts by removing beloved favorites off their menu.  Even more recently, Taco Bell upset us by removing so many menu items that we truly didn’t know if we could take it.  Read more: 13 alt-pop merch pieces from Hot Topic to rock your fandom proudly […]

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Well, things aren’t going too well for McDonald’s this year. This week, the fast-food franchise announced that it plans to close 200 locations by the end of 2020. The reason for the closures? Major revenue loss. Read more: Here’s what Lil Nas X would sound like in an emo band Coronavirus has left its mark […]

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[Photo via The Wendy’s Company] Wendy’s is offering people free food this week with a new challenge sending customers on a “Cyber Search” for clues giving them a full stomach at no cost, but it’s coming at a particularly difficult time for them. The company is running a promotion where you can guess codes to […]