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Whether or not you lived through the golden age of MTV and JNCO jeans, the discovery of the nü-metal phenomenon was an awakening for any generation. Slamming orchestrated metal intensity in the same track as raw, off-the-cuff hip-hop energy sounds like a contradiction. In many ways, the genre seemed like a musical oxymoron that would […]

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nova twins

It’s been just over a year since Nova Twins dropped their debut full-length, Who Are The Girls?, and hit us full blast with their eclectic and empowering brand of thrashy punk rock. Now, in the first-ever official remix to grace their discography, “Undertaker” has been tackled by none other than alternative powerhouse FEVER 333. Spearheaded by vocalist […]

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Everybody’s favorite genre to have opinions about, nü metal shortly peaked as an object of global obsession. Not unlike the finale of Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer, the scene got ravaged by the collective madness of its own stans. Which fairly contributed to the creation of negative biases toward nü metal we’ve grown to […]

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