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Wire singer/guitarist Colin Newman and former guitarist Bruce Gilbert join us for a conversation about PF456 Deluxe, released June 12 for Record Store Day Drops, which documents the band’s transitory turn at the start of a new century.

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In 1996, Your Punk Professor interviewed the Clash’s distinguished lead guitarist Mick Jones for a proposed Alternative Press piece on punk’s original guitar heroes. Though it remains unpublished, I asked in the course of it what he thought of Rancid. Jones waxed effusive, noting he’d met the Berkeley punk traditionalists in the course of a […]

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Welcome to Alternative Press’ pick of the 15 best punk guitarists of the ’90s. One notable difference between this list and the other two we’ve compiled is the inclusion of several women. Punk did much to democratize rock ’n’ roll in the ’70s, with many pioneering all-female (the Runaways, the Slits) or mixed-gender lineups (X-Ray […]

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As recently established here, the 45 RPM record was the greatest medium for punk rock. It’s compact, it’s affordable and brevity’s of essence—distill all of your best moments in three minutes or less. You can also master these seven-inch beauties hot, perfect for loud music. Then you have the picture sleeves. With punk being so […]

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This is a round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs. All releases due out this Friday unless noted. May also include some other titles released in recent weeks but not previously featured. Includes releases by Depeche Mode, Joy Division and more.

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Chris Stewart is a Los Angeles resident who releases stark, twitchy music under the name Black Marble. Musically, Black Marble draws on postpunk and synthpop, as well as the personal and lo-fi music that’s become its own internet-based underground phenomenon in the past couple of decades. Last year, Stewart released the Black Marble album Bigger

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Wire have a new album of stray recordings and outtakes, 10:20, on the way. Originally scheduled for a vinyl-only release on the now-extremely delayed Record Store Day, the seminal UK post-punk band have since decided to give the LP a full general release on all formats in June. They’ve already shared a new version of […]