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shapel lacey comedian

Shapel Lacey, an L.A. by way of Arizona stand-up comedian, is a true-to-form alternative fan. Onstage and behind podcast mics, he never shies away from sharing his love of Oasis, Rancid and beyond, knowing full well that acts such as these inform his whole life and art form.  Lacey may have come to your attention […]

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On June 5, 2002, Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone passed away. Continue reading…

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John C. Reilly, Steve Lukather and others join in as well. Continue reading…

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jayne county laura jane grace

It stands to reason LGBTQIA+ culture informed, inspired and enmeshed with punk, down to the crossover with the ’70s glam scene that helped spawn it. After all, both worlds were essentially the Island of Misfit Toys, from the Rankin/Bass 1964 holiday special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: a rebel culture for those whose ideas don’t fit […]

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chrissie hynde 70s punk vocalists joe strummer the clash

Nashville songwriting great Harlan Howard once defined country music as “three chords and the truth.” Many have said that definition could also be applied to punk rock. Therefore, it stands to reason that the figure writhing behind the mic stand might be the most essential member of any punk band. After all, it isn’t the […]

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nirvana l7 grunge bands

Despite the grousings of certain members of punk’s first generation, grunge most certainly earned its place on rock’s historical timeline, the perfect antidote to the cliche-ridden joke hardcore became fairly quickly: Everyone attempting to run the 100-yard dash in two seconds? Why not take a nice, leisurely stroll, instead? Most know that meat turns out […]

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the clash

Some promo copywriter at the Clash’s American label, Epic Records, came up with the questionable slogan “19 songs by the only band that matters” for the sticker that appeared on the face of 1980’s U.S. release of London Calling. While singer/guitarist Joe Strummer, lead guitarist Mick Jones, bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Topper Headon didn’t […]

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Happy 70th Birthday, Joey. Continue reading…

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1995 albums, the muffs, ramones, lunachicks, supergrass

In 1996, Your Punk Professor interviewed the Clash’s distinguished lead guitarist Mick Jones for a proposed Alternative Press piece on punk’s original guitar heroes. Though it remains unpublished, I asked in the course of it what he thought of Rancid. Jones waxed effusive, noting he’d met the Berkeley punk traditionalists in the course of a […]

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Which ones have you been saying wrong your whole life? Continue reading…

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