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It’s a bit sad that feminism and music go so perfectly hand in hand. The movement shouldn’t have to be twisted into a countercultural phenomenon driven by defiance. After all, in any reasonable world, the equality and representation of women and marginalized groups should be inherent. As it stands, though, feminism depends on rationally minded […]

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best 1996 albums

The year 2021 stands out for, at the very least, two distinct reasons. One, we all simply could not wait for it to get here and to promptly put the horrific year that was 2020 in our collective rearview mirror. And, two, it’s the year that some of the best albums of the ’90s will […]

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It’s easy to mistake the foundations of pop punk as being laid in the 2000s. After all, that’s when the mainstream radio takeover of the genre occurred. As it turns out, though, we really have the ’90s to thank for our favorite artists and albums.  With the meteoric rise of bands such as Nirvana and […]

The post 10 pop-punk albums from the ’90s that set the path for the genre appeared first on Alternative Press.

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[Photos by: Korn/Joe Banker, Joan Jett/Jessie Terwillige, Black Sabbath/Spotify, Nine Inch Nails] While everyone is self-isolating, we’re all looking for ways to fill our time. Why not spend it digging into some of the classic bands you’ve always been meaning to learn about but haven’t been able to? With the amount of spare time everyone […]