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Alternative songs about mental health | Uplifting alternative music

If there’s anything that holds true throughout the alternative music scene, it’s an inclination toward vulnerable self-expression. For decades, artists have worn their hearts on their sleeves while navigating conflict, both external and inward-facing, to remind their audiences that, no matter how isolating the circumstance, you’re never truly alone. Such open honesty has been paramount in destigmatizing mental health […]

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Job For A Cowboy

Fifteen years ago, Job For A Cowboy marked their arrival on the extreme-metal scene not with a bang but with a squeal. The Doom EP was a breakdown-laden statement, and extreme music would never be the same—for better or worse.  And you better believe that everyone had their opinion on that, something that was easily […]

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[Photo via Flickr] Great news for fans of AriZona beverages. The mega-popular drink brand will soon be selling one of them with alcohol. Starting as just a rumor, but now confirmed by AriZona, a hard version of the popular Green Tea flavor is being tested in Canada. Read More: Watch a TikTok influencer get scared by […]

[Photo via YouTube] Concert cancellations and stay-at-home orders have been tough on fans and musicians alike. However, Highly Suspect are keeping busy and hoping to calm peoples’ spirits through their acoustic rendition of “Arizona,” which is exclusively being shared on AltPress. Bassist/vocalist Rich Meyer recorded the MCID track in the stairwell of his apartment building […]