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Track is one of several bonus cuts on the new deluxe edition of Spears’ 2016 album, Glory For more, check out: (Source)

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State Champs Pop-Punk Band Ranking Interview

If you’ve ever needed a knowledgeable pop-punk band to answer all of your burning early ’00s pop music questions, State Champs have you covered. Or if you need a couple of guys to rank pop-punk legends, they can do that too. And they’re not afraid to stir up some controversy or crank out some choreography […]

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90s alternative pop punk cover bands artists 1990s

We’re all gripped by ’90s nostalgia, and our favorite alternative artists are no exception. The difference is instead of scouring for Furbys on eBay, they’re covering some iconic songs of the decade. While we can’t say that we ever expected pop-punk or metalcore renditions of ’90s hits, we’re certainly here for it. After all, we […]

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It looks like a lot of record labels are in some hot water. A report has been published that claims various labels have been making illegal pay-for-play deals for artists including Halsey, twenty one pilots and Panic! At The Disco. According to the report, these shady deals have been going down behind closed doors with […]

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From the Jackson 5 to BTS: here are the most scream-worthy boy band songs For more, check out: (Source)

[Photos via Forever The Sickest Kids/YouTube, Hey Monday, The Friday Night Boys, Cobra Starship/YouTube] The late 2000s through early 2010s were defined in our scene by catchy synths intertwined with pop-like melodies, garnering the name “neon pop” or “neon pop punk.” With merch that was just as bright as the dance anthems that were produced, […]

[Photos via YouTube] The blink-182 story isn’t about the accomplishments and accolades. Yes, the trio probably like playing in front of sold-out stadiums. We’re sure cashing checks with that many zeroes is fun. But to know blink-182, you have to watch their music videos. Few bands boast a collection that tickles the teenage funny bone […]