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There are plenty of adjectives that Ashnikko admittedly avoids when describing her music. It’s not quiet. It’s not soft. And it’s never really been sweet, but she’s working on the vulnerability stuff.  On a personal level, too, it’s almost easier to understand 24-year-old Ashton Nicole Casey by examining how she doesn’t describe herself. She’s not […]

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Things are getting even weirder for Klaus Hargreeves in issue two of You Look Like Death: Tales From The Umbrella Academy. Gerard Way and Shaun Simon are back at it again—sending Number Four on an odyssey through Hollywood. Klaus channels the spirits of the tap-dancing dead with a vampire-chimp drug lord hot on his trail. […]

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The highly anticipated first issue of The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem will be released Oct. 14. Fans of Gerard Way and Shaun Simon’s hyperstylized tales of neon-covered vigilantism are in for an explosive laser-beam-blasting treat. But ahead of issue 1’s release, Dark Horse Comics has announced a new must-have item for […]

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In July 2020, Gerard Way made a promise to everyone who had ever ink-stained their hands with Killjoys comics. With The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem, Way and co-creator Shaun Simon guaranteed a Killjoys story unlike anything we’d seen before. And holy moly, motor babies—they certainly delivered in issue one.  Ten of […]

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Ever since The Umbrella Academy became a massive Netflix hit, its characters have gone from indie comics darlings to household names. Anyone with a Netflix password now has the strange and unusual world of the Hargreeves primed for their viewing pleasure. Yes, we may be two seasons deep. Sure, we have three trade paperbacks of […]

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If anyone predicted that the infectious Bananarama hit from the summer of 1983, “Cruel Summer,” could be turned into a somber, foreboding cover with the ability to create a palpable nervousness and introspection, said person surely would have been laughed off the MTV sound stage. After all, without MTV, the three London women who made […]

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[Photo by: Jen Rosenstein] It’s been a less than a year since the third volume of The Umbrella Academy comic wrapped up but Gerard Way says in a new Instagram post that he’s working away at the fourth volume right now. In the post, he details more information about the potential comic idea he has tying in with the Quarantine […]

The first Saturday of May is held near and dear to the hearts of every comic book fan as Free Comic Book Day. Comic shops collectively open their doors to the legions of Marvel fanatics and DC devotees, offering exclusive issues for free in order to reward comic fans for their loyalty and to encourage […]