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Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

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band of sacrifice enemy short film spencer chamberlain underoath

Canadian deathcore group Brand Of Sacrifice have dropped a new single, “Enemy.” The track features guest vocals from Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain and was accompanied by a short film created and scored by the band. The band expertly create sonic settings for each moment of the short film. The visual begins with a symphonic opening, matching […]

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oli sykes sleepwalking

Bring Me The Horizon find themselves at the top of another chart now that “Sleepwalking” has gone silver, according to BPI. The chart-topping song comes from the band’s 2013 genre-bending album, Sempiternal. Read more: Tatiana Hazel shares how creating music and fashion go hand in hand “Sleepwalking” is a timeless metalcore track that deserves all […]

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Brand of Sacrifice

Through their knack for catchy breakdowns entering the depths of low-tone heaviness, dizzying technicality and piercing sharp tones, Brand Of Sacrifice carved a unique path with an endless array of sounds and possibilities. With the arrival of their sophomore album, Lifeblood, the Toronto deathcore band have solidified their stance after propelling their brutal sound to […]

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Best deathcore albums, With Dead Hands Rising, the monsters, the red shore

Deathcore is one of metal’s most maligned and misunderstood subgenres. That makes it sound a hell of a lot like a teenager, but it’s actually approaching adulthood if it’s not already there. (That all depends on when you think it started.) In honor of its growth into an exciting boundary breaker, here are 21 albums […]

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metal bands vocalists switch, judas priest, chad gilbert, ozzy osbourne, anthrax

Being in a band ain’t easy. You’ve got many creative personalities in a massive tug of war. Oh yeah, then you have to live with each other and those decisions on the road for months on end. Lineup changes aren’t uncommon, though a vocalist switch-up has the possibility to be the most debilitating. Some bands […]

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best 2000s deathcore albums

Deathcore was a defining force of the 2000s metal scene. While polarizing at the time, it’s gained more respect in recent years through a new era of the genre. Still, the origins of the genre were filled with great releases that stand strong over a decade later.  While bands used to fight against metal elitists […]

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Scarlet Dragged Under Tallah October Ends

This year, blessing show-deprived fans with longer releases was a much-needed effort. And metalcore bands made far-reaching full-length debuts. They opened a new era by bringing it back to hardcore punk, putting a fresh spin on the golden years or shaking it up with contemporary influences. Here are 20 metalcore debuts from 2020 that are […]

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Job For A Cowboy

Fifteen years ago, Job For A Cowboy marked their arrival on the extreme-metal scene not with a bang but with a squeal. The Doom EP was a breakdown-laden statement, and extreme music would never be the same—for better or worse.  And you better believe that everyone had their opinion on that, something that was easily […]

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As legendary bands in the scene continued to mature musically and grow away from the genres that they became known for, newly established musicians were creating blends that sparked new categories for scene music. In 2008, Fall Out Boy released their last album before their hiatus, and I Set My Friends On Fire popularized crunkcore. […]

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