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Moody shared a clip of the the 'out of key' jam. Continue reading…

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Replacing an original band member is never a fun experience, and there’s surely no role more difficult to fill than that of the lead singer. There have been exceptions to the rule, in the sense that the band went on to continue being successful (think Sammy Hagar in Van Halen), but there have also been […]

The post 10 underrated ’90s lead singers who stepped in when another vocalist left appeared first on Alternative Press.

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Moment during first meeting proved to Extreme guitarist that his hero knew who he was. Continue reading…

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'None of that silly stuff,' the guitar god told Bettencourt. Continue reading…

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The Extreme frontman, who sang on Van Halen III, remembers how the guitarist welcomed him warmly into the band and what it was like to see his genius at work For more, check out: (Source)