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Matt Caughthran

After touring for the better part of 20 years, Matt Caughthran is a seasoned road warrior who is best known as the vocalist for Los Angeles-based punk group the Bronx. He has traveled the world and delivered high-intensity performances,  inspiring legions of fans and bands along the way. For the last two decades, Caughthran has […]

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Bob Mould

Welcome to the conclusion of Alternative Press’ two-part interview with Bob Mould. In the initial installment, the former Hüsker Dü/Sugar leader addressed the harsh American political climate of the past few years and how it inspired the Dü-esque rage of his latest album, last year’s Blue Hearts. He explained he connected the Trump years with […]

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Jack Saunders

Ever since he discovered his love for radio as a young teenager, Jack Saunders dreamed of working for BBC’s Radio 1. However, having a dream and trying to realistically accomplish it are two very different things. It takes passion, perseverance and hard work to make your dreams come true, and luckily, Saunders knew this better […]

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Lars Frederiksen

Lars Frederiksen is one of the most influential figures in American punk-rock history. Frederiksen has been the co-vocalist and guitarist for Bay Area punk legends Rancid for over 30 years. In addition, Frederiksen has also been a member of bands such as Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards, the Old Firm Casuals and many others. His […]

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Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop

Each month, Alternative Press Gallery explores the work of photographers, directors and other creatives who help shape the music world from behind the scenes. With each issue, we explore the stories behind the shoots and take deep dives into the most compelling media, asking about the vision as well as the happy accidents that create […]

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Established six years ago purely as a means of paying homage to their metal forefathers Korn, Slipknot and Pantera, the buzz surrounding DED soon grew way beyond the members’ expectations. Before they knew it, the band were caught up in a whirlwind of intense touring, mounting public attention and the opportunity to record their debut […]

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jawny 10 topics

JAWNY connected with AltPress for issue #399. During the 10 Topics conversation, the indie-pop artist talks about his greatest musical strength, his (almost) professional skateboarding career and the most important lessons he has learned so far. GREATEST MUSICAL STRENGTH I genuinely think my greatest musical strength is that I can play every instrument decently. I […]

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Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain is open about the fact that she wants to make listeners stop in their tracks. With her music, the goal is for listeners to become fully immersed in the moment and the sounds that she creates. Growing up in a Southern Christian town in Florida, Cain was raised largely on choir and worship […]

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Matty Matheson and Benny Blanco

On paper, the combination of a cookbook author/restaurateur and a Grammy-nominated pop producer might seem a little strange. On camera, the result is a beautiful juxtaposition between these two worlds, made possible by years of friendship and unrivaled chemistry. However, for Matty Matheson, who’s best known for his 2018 New York Times bestselling cookbook, hosting […]

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Mike's Dead

Mike’s Dead wears his influences on his sleeve, both proudly and most definitely loudly. Rooted in his love for the early 2000s nü-metal and rap-rock phenomenon, with a penchant for modern production and a hyper-abrasive aesthetic, Mike has managed to create something that he self-describes as “controlled chaos.” His brand of musical chaos is a […]

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