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Because Christmas music needs more four-letter words. Continue reading…

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Spread some holiday cheer the heavy way. Continue reading…

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This month, the great video series Two Minutes To Late Night, has gone all-in on Halloween. Once a week, the comedian Jordan Olds convenes an all-star band of punk, metal, and hardcore musicians for a remotely-recorded cover. Thus far this month, they’ve taken on seasonal classics like the Misfits’ “Halloween II,” Ozzy Osbourne’s “Over The

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  KING DIAMOND ‘The Dark Sides’ CD & LP re-issues now available, ACCUSER Reveal Details for new self-titled album, DÉLUGE Reveal details for new album, ‘Ægo Templo’, FIGHT THE FIGHT Releases new album, ‘Deliverance’, LIK […] For more, go to: (Source)

Rock, metal and punk musicians have long been accused of making the devil’s music. While that isn’t true for the vast majority, some have indeed practiced witchcraft in various forms. Whether it’s some of the founding artists behind rock ’n’ roll or modern-day rockers, witchcraft has found its way into the minds of musicians many […]

[embedded content] Most of us already know that life isn’t about rainbows and unicorns. Nope. You can fall to your death sliding down a rainbow. You can get gored by a unicorn having a bad day. Life can be very sad, ugly and violent. And these 15 crime-inspired songs capture the essence of some of […]

[Photos via Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Slayer/Spotify; Alkaline Trio/Epitaph Records] Curiosity about the human mind has led to a mass interest from people about why some decide to become murderers. Countless musicians have used the gripping stories of well-known serial killers for their songs. Whether they’re based on the infamous true crime accounts of notorious killers […]