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Indie sensation Charli Adams shares the new single ‘Cheer Captain’ and announces the arrival of debut LP ‘Bullseye’, set for release July 16th via Color Study (Haux, Lav, Rosie Carney). Marking the latest installment from the musician’s growing collection of relatable and heartfelt pop anthems, ‘Cheer Captain’ sees Adams wave goodbye to a youth spent in a deeply conservative, Christian environment in Alabama where she put cheerleading, worship leading, her family, and often toxic relationships with men (and God) above all. “‘Cheer Captain’ is a resentful and regretful song about struggling with a savior complex as a serial people pleaser”, explains the rising songwriter. “I desperately wanted to be everything for everyone so I became a customizable human being that often went against everything I actually am. It’s always felt like the thesis of this project as I touch on my relationship with religion, my parents, and men. I grew up in Alabama and I was captain of the cheerleading team in my freshman year of high school and a worship leader at a church. I think it’s safe to say I was struggling with my identity, in fact, I really hated it all so a year later, I started school online and moved to Nashville for music”. For more, go to: (Source)

 Exit Kid continues to utilize their signature cocktail of grunge, Britpop, and slacker-pop to deliver the goods with the latest single ‘Munny’. Following their explosive ‘Garden’ EP, ‘Munny’ further demonstrates Exit Kid’s ability to forge gritty anthems carrying themes and ideals of paramount importance to the duo. The single weaponizes crunching guitar, hammering drums, and powerful vocals to critique the infuriating contradictory nature of high society. Discussing their newest effort, Türkmen explained: “‘Munny’ is an exhausted rant about the continued blurring of the lines between truth and lies. I felt compelled to vomit the words whilst watching the US election and the storming of the Capitol building. The profiteering from such things by the likes of our old chum Facebook is maddening but seems to me a time-honoured capitalist tradition. Most people talk a good game, but when the time comes vote for their own self interest.” For more, go to: (Source)

Hazy and hypnotic, the Brighton-born trio Les Bods return to the alternative scene with a turbulent new track ‘Free Your Mind’ produced by Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios. Charged and chanting drums meet swirling riffs as frontman Harry Mitchel invites you on a path of pleasure and liberation. Although certainly drawing inspiration from the 1970s godfathers of heavy metal, Les Bods awaken from a far more colorful dwelling place. “The track is about freeing yourself from the negativity that gets built upon one’s shoulders. Moving downthe road less traveled, experiencing enormous self-doubt from people putting you down all the time andmostly about overcoming your fears… in essence rebelling to negativity and in turn – “Freeing Your Mind”. says, Harry. For more, go to: (Source)

Isle of Wight four-piece Coach Party have released their brand new EP After Party via Chess Club Records. Along with the release they have also shared dates of a huge 24-date UK tour to commence at Leeds’ Hyde Park Book Club on 29 September and culminating with a homecoming show at Newport’s Strings on 6 Nov – tickets for all shows are available HERE. Written amidst the chaos of 2020, After Party focuses on themes of everyday life and was recorded, produced, and mixed by the band’s own Guy Page. Lead vocalist Jess Eastwood explains: “Each song on the After Party EP came quite naturally to us, many of them are about difficult people, whether that be work colleagues, family members, and even ourselves (like in ‘Everybody Hates Me’). In other tracks we talk about whether we’d be okay on our own and dealing with self-doubt and lack of trust – it’s self-deprecating but in a positive therapeutic kind of way.” “We wanted the sound of the band to come through in a more natural and raw way on this record, capturing a specific moment in time. It feels to us like a sequel which gets a bit more love […] For more, go to: (Source)

Hello friends! New Music Friday is upon us and this week we have the ever so sick debut album, Turning Point, by the emo band Good Terms dropping on April 9th (which depending on when this is posted, might be today)! Let’s see what kind of record we got, shall we?  Turning Point is an 11-song album that packs an emo little punch throughout that I am totally here for. The band had released 5 of the 11 songs prior to this April 9th release just to get everyone out there ready for what’s to come. High energy, sick guitar riffs, strong vocals with the occasional scream (yasssss!)—this album is showing off the band’s ability to hit different styles while also still sticking to the aspects of their specific genre. Good Terms has a uniqueness to their music so much so that I can’t really pinpoint any particular band that they remind me of. I always appreciate when a band can just fucking do their own thing and just kill it and my friends, Good Terms has done just that.  The album also packs some heavy meaning to the members—as guitarist/vocalist/producer Zach Boucher stated that this album is the band’s […] For more, go to: (Source)

Rippling through the emerging indie undercurrent with her trademark slacker-pop specialism, Lauran Hibberd shares the visuals for their rousing new anthem “How Am I Still Alive?” with The Regrettes’ Lydia Night.  “The video is a collection of (lockdown available) ideas. A transatlantic home video with animation seemed to be the only way we could get Lydia and I side-by-side,” reveals the Isle of Wight indie sensation. “It’s based on documenting your every sleepless move (in the home video footage), whilst having your maddest thoughts and dreams (in the animation). I think it summarises how weird it is to live in a shutdown world right now and where our minds go throughout.” Marking the latest explosive addition to her ever-growing back catalog, “How Am I Still Alive?” sees Hibberd partner with esteemed producer Suzy Shinn (Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Dua Lipa) once again in impressive fashion, having drawn widespread acclaim for the pop-rock belter “Boy Bye” late last year, the second track taken from her upcoming Goober EP arriving on Friday, July 30. Pre-order for the EP HERE.  For more, go to: (Source)

 Atlanta-based rock band glimmers have released their newest single “By The Lips,”. The new track was taken from the band’s upcoming EP Worlds Apart, due to be released April 23rd on Common Ground Collective. Alongside the single, glimmers is premiering the next chapter in a series of cinematic videos that follow a couple through the highs and lows of a relationship. The newest track and video take on a much more intimate and intense feel, focusing on how it feels to be in an uninterrupted space with the person you love.  On their new single, glimmers frontwoman Maggie Schneider shared with Alternative Press, who premiered the video :  “’By The Lips’ is our fourth episode of this story. At this point, our couple has reunited for the first time since their breakup. The song is about those intense feelings you feel for somebody, especially right after the relationship has ended. As the song builds, the couple becomes more intimate, but there’s still some uncertainty of whether it’ll work out.”  “We hope that our listeners connect emotionally to our EP. These songs are like the soundtrack of my life and represent what I’ve learned from my relationships. I hope that these songs comfort and inspire others to express their emotions through […] For more, go to: (Source)

Chicago-based band Action/Adventure is excited to announce that they have signed to Pure Noise Records. Additionally, the band has shared that their new EP, Pulling Focus, will be released on April 30th and is now available for pre-order here. They also released lead single and music video “Poser” Here is what they had to say about the new single:  “When writing Pulling Focus we went in with the notion that this could be the last EP before slowing down considerably. It came from a place of exhaustion and frustration after dealing with the ups and downs of being in a band at this point in our adult lives,” recalls vocalist Blake Evaristo. “Getting the opportunity to release this with Pure Noise is a dream for us. It’s a testament to the sacrifices and hard work we’ve all put in over the last 6 years as a band. We’re all excited to share this ep and hope fans old and new can enjoy these songs that we all truly believe in and love.“ Pulling Focus tracklist: 1. Barricades 2. Poser 3. Club 27 4. Semi-Prologue 5. Tuck Everlasting 6. Nothing Left 7. Pulling Focus For more, go to: (Source)

Tom Lumley and The Brave Liaison are back with their first release of 2021, a monster of a single titled Crawling. 2021 promises to be a banner year for the band as they have accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams and the single has received radio support from John Kennedy, multiple spins on Amazing Radio, and Sirius XM. ‘Crawling’ features gnarly riffs, stadium-sized production, and undeniable likability from the get-go. Tom and his Brave Liaison are quickly mastering their craft of creating accessible pop music that is reinforced with scuzz-heavy anthemic rock and roll. On their new single they added: “Crawling’is about being trapped in a chemical relationship. To the extent where it’s almost an addiction. Even though you know it’s nothing but bad for you, you just keep going back. We believe that this is commonplace in many modern-day relationships.“We feel our generation and those younger can be insecure in themselves and in their relationships due to the pressure of social media and the sharing of the subjective “highlight reel.”Everyone shows off their best stuff, but no one ever sees the discord that is happening behind the scenes.” For more, go to: (Source)

Cornwall’s rock and rollers, Velvet Hands are back with yet another indie anthem titled Star. Shaking things up a bit by having guitarist Dan Able has taken on lead vocals on Star, along with award-winning brass arranger Simon Dobson on horns, and Jazz Urell on backing duties. Even with all the changes on the single, it still has the sound that made the band what it is, loads of grinding guitars, and monster vocals. Here is what the band had to say about Star: “Star’ was inspired by someone I met who went on celebs go dating with a genuine intention to find love, only to find herself aghast when the producers started asking her to cause drama. Love was not found but ‘Star’ was. It’s a big two fingers up at reality culture and the selling of one dignity for fame “ For more, go to: (Source)