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Italian outfit Piqued Jacks have returned with the newest offering off their upcoming new album Synchronizer, titled Elephant. The new single is the bands most anthemic release to date, it is passionate, positive and includes a heavy dose of stadium alt- rock. The song tells of learning from past failures in relationships and have built stronger building blocks for the right one to come along. Watch and listen to Elephant below: For more, go to: (Source)

ITSOKTOCRY and upcoming star Lil Rozey have launched their new dark wave project Plastic Dagger with the release of brand new track “Between The Flames” and it’s accompanying animated video. Blending multiple genres ranging from trap to hardcore to metal, ITSOKTOCRY’s solo tracks have racked up tens of millions of streams and video views to date and garnered a fiercely loyal, ever-expanding fanbase. He has collaborated with many of modern rap’s biggest names including Lil Peep, Zillakami (City Morgue), Savage Gasp, and many others. Now, with Plastic Dagger, ITSOKTOCRY has recruited up-and-comer Lil Rozey to add a totally fresh take on the current resurgence of darkwave. With Plastic Dagger, the prolific rapper/producer has established a further creative outlet, continuing his mission to bridge genres and defy being musically pigeonholed whilst remaining completely authentic and true to his artistic self. For more, go to: (Source)

California-based band Honeyboys have hit the ground running in2021, sharing their first single off of their upcoming debut EP, “Davinci”. The band dropped a flurry of singles last year that caught the attention of thousands, and they plan to gather more listeners with new single ‘Davinci ‘ The track is full of nostalgic feels taking its cue from the love songs featured in 50s RnB and 60s surf music, full of soft dreamy vocals that soon pick up to an anthemic chorus that will have you bopping along to. The entire production gives indie music a fresh new sound. Listen below: For more, go to: (Source)

Jealous of the Birds – the musical project of Northern Ireland-based singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton – has shared a new lyric video created by Juliet Bryant for “Pendulum.” The track is from the latest LP Peninsula, which came out September 18th, 2020 via Canvasback/Atlantic. Naomi shares, “’Pendulum’ is one of the most hopeful, anthemic songs on the album. It grew from the idea that relationships are always a constant back and forth of energy, like the movement of a pendulum swing. I wanted to celebrate that kind of reciprocal romantic and platonic love that’s essential to conquering hardship. ” For more, go to: (Source)

I kinda love the story of 19&You, of course, of course, the girl in the story might think differently but here goes… Noah Taylor (executive producer) was love-struck when he followed a girl around the world. He ended up crashing at a friend’s place in Australia, where he subsequently came across Cameron Graves (vocals), Jackson Leitch (guitar), and Liam Wallis (drums). They hit it off instantly and the four guys started a band, 19&YOU within days. The girl he chased to Australia was forgotten. In the following months via virtual sessions, the newly formed group completed their first batch of songs in one week. They have recently released a new single “BORED!,” an up-tempo anthem nestled in a renewed indie-pop soundscape. Underneath their charming pop exterior is a four-piece band demonstrating a gritty fervor through catchy hooks, slick guitar licks, and the all-too-relatable lyrics associated with the modern dating scene. The band’s impassioned lyricism is fueled by the reservations of love and the beauty found in brief, intimate moments often overlooked in today’s digital age. Noah Taylor of 19&YOU shares this of their new single: “This was a song that we really didn’t have an end goal in mind when we started. […] For more, go to: (Source)

Holding Absence are proud to release the second single from their much-anticipated second record The Greatest Mistake Of My Life. A deeply anthemic track, titled “Afterlife”. “We truly believe this song to be one of our best yet, with its pounding chorus and emotive vocals. Just listening to this song is making us itch for the return of live music so we can get out and play it to you all!” shares impassioned frontman Lucas Woodland. “With this song released, we’re one step closer to releasing our sophomore album ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!” For more, go to: (Source)

MARIIA TSVETKOVA ” STUPID THINGS “ LA’s Mariia Tsvetkova’s new song ” Stupid Things ” is a fun and light pop song with catchy acoustic guitar vibes. The single tells of the foolish things that people will do when they fall in love. The song is full of honest lyrics that Mariia says are based on a true story. Dummy ” Suddenly “ Dummy, which was formed in 2019 by Ben Nelson and Jeff Fetzko and soon joined by Cris, Matt, and Carle have released their debut single titled ” Suddenly “ Their unique sound is a meld of 80s. 90s. and early naught sounds. The song deals with falling in and out of love quickly and the accompanying video has a hazy nostalgia feel to it. We look forward to hearing more from Dummy. Yester Daze ” Backseat Bingo “ Montreal rockers Yester Daze meet somewhere in the middle between stadium rock and underground punk with their sound. They recently released a new single Backseat Bingo that is full of groovy riffs backed by dancing rhythms, the track is a tongue in cheek reference to sex. Combined with falsettos and belted vocals this song will catch your attention the […] For more, go to: (Source)

 Paper Jackets has shared their first single of the year titled “Bad Company”, a track about the comfort in those that are just as flawed as we are. “Bad Company” was produced by Ethan Kauffman and co-produced & mixed by LA songwriting/producing duo HEAVY. On the new single, Paper Jackets vocalist Aimee Proal shares, “Sometimes it’s not about finding a person that’s perfect or even someone who betters you. Perhaps it’s more comforting to find someone just as flawed that can understand and accept you as you are without judgment.”  “There’s something comfortable about being a misfit or keeping bad company. You have no one to answer to when you label yourself that way so you might as well be who you are even when it’s not pretty, and accept people around you when it’s their turn,” adds vocalist James Mason. “Bad Company” is from their upcoming collection of songs Souvenirs Part Two, due to be released later this year. In July 2020 the band shared their latest album, Souvenirs Volume One, the first part of a collection that stretches and pulls at the genre of alternative rock while revealing a nostalgic theme throughout; touching on creative moments the band has experienced together to addiction and its […] For more, go to: (Source)

LA-based psych-pop group SWIMM shares the new song “You Never Fake It” featuring Lauren Ruth Ward, an intimate ballad complete with lush synthesizers and an entrancing drum+bass. Detailing the backstory of the song, SWIMM says: The story of “You Never Fake It” was actually birthed out of one rainy night in Manhattan I had a few years ago but when I hear this song it brings me back to the first couple weeks of quarantine. It was actually very stormy during that time so the air outside was ripe with panic and urban drainage, while inside my warehouse… mostly panic, ganja and sweatpants. Turns out productivity can really blossom when you’re not sneaking into the ballroom bathrooms of East LA snorting Cayenne pepper with strangers for a head rush. This new allotment of focus time let me dive into the production of this one… This is gonna sound a little Indigo-child dream-catcher vibe but I kept hearing “Kim”, the somewhat illusory character of the song, in my head when I was recording and wanted to somehow capture the spirit of her and have it feel analogous to the way you can kind of capture a memory in a song. So I texted my best bud and […] For more, go to: (Source)

It’s been almost nine years since The Spill Canvas have released a full-length album, but the South Dakota rockers have announced their signing to Pure Noise Records, along with the reveal that they will be releasing a new album, Conduit, on March 5, 2021. To get fans excited, The Spill Canvas have released a new song and video from the album, “Firestorm.” Fans can pre-order the highly anticipated 10-track album now here:  On the band’s signing, lead vocalist, Nick Thomas shares, “We’re so incredibly excited to join the Pure Noise family! It’s a true honor to be a part of such an amazing roster of talent on a label that puts their artists first.” “It’s been 9 years since our last full-length album was released. That said-we’re beyond ready to present our 6th LP, Conduit, to the world. Created in the rural woods of Pennsylvania over the span of a couple years, we feel it’s our most comprehensive work to date,”  he continues to share on the album.“We knew pretty early on in creating the new album that “Firestorm” would be the perfect first single to reintroduce the band and begin our new chapter. Aside from overall vibe, the juxtaposition between the gospel singers and the lyrical context on desire […] For more, go to: (Source)