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The genre affectionately known as emo started out as a wave of internalized rage bubbling under the surface of Washington, D.C.’s Revolution Summer in the mid-’80s. Within three decades, it had permeated the mainstream and changed beyond all recognition. Like it or not, the bands inspired by that initial breakthrough, including Rites Of Spring and […]

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The history of music videos is fascinating. Continue reading…

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bernie sanders music memes

As always, Sen. Bernie Sanders has become yet another beloved and overused meme, thanks to an iconic photo of him sitting and wearing mittens during President Joe Biden‘s inauguration ceremony. All Sanders had to do was show up and sit down, and the internet did the rest, making thousands of memes and putting him in […]

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Ever heard a new pop-punk song on Spotify and thought, “Wow, this is great. How could it get any better?” Only to have your mind blown by the addition of familiar guest vocals 10 seconds later? Yeah, that’s happened to us about a thousand times over the course of the last decade. If there’s anything […]

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2000s post-hardcore songs

If you grew up in the 2000s, rocked band T-shirts almost daily and decorated your locker top to bottom with clippings of Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you’re definitely a child of the post-hardcore era.  Now, post-hardcore, while being a specific genre, is a very gray area where bands such as Bring Me The Horizon […]

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vic fuentes pierce the veil living the dream

After years of dedicating himself entirely to music, Pierce The Veil vocalist Vic Fuentes was yearning for a new purpose. As fate would have it, he was about to find a monumental one by way of the Living The Dream Foundation. Now, he’s extending the company’s capacity to make dreams come true even in light […]

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California-based Melted Vinyl Coffee is not just a shop to sip hot beverages in. From signature drinks to vintage clothing and records, Melted Vinyl Coffee is creating its “own vibe” in the industry. Now, thanks to TikTok, the company is creatively showing why every true emo kid needs to check out their shop. Read more: […]

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From the mid-2000s to present day, scene trends have come and gone. Some, such as piercings, tattoos, skinny jeans and beanies, have proven to be timeless classics.  Other trends, however, have been given new life, such as transferring the love of Invader Zim to the Adult Swim hit animation Rick & Morty. Regardless, certain styles […]

Since their inception about 14 years ago, Pierce The Veil have only had one clearly defined goal: Keep moving forward. That creative trajectory is exactly what you’ll see unfold in AltPress’ new fan edition dedicated to San Diego’s favorite sons. Culled from a number of features, cover stories and random interviews over the years, this […]