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Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior

There is no doubt that Green Day leader Billie Joe Armstrong is a great guitarist, punk rock or not. He gets great tone and comes up with solid, catchy riffs and tight, tuneful leads. His most iconic guitar is “Blue,” the heavily stickered Fernandes Stratocaster copy his mother bought him for his 11th birthday. It […]

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Bob Mould

Welcome to the conclusion of Alternative Press’ two-part interview with Bob Mould. In the initial installment, the former Hüsker Dü/Sugar leader addressed the harsh American political climate of the past few years and how it inspired the Dü-esque rage of his latest album, last year’s Blue Hearts. He explained he connected the Trump years with […]

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Established six years ago purely as a means of paying homage to their metal forefathers Korn, Slipknot and Pantera, the buzz surrounding DED soon grew way beyond the members’ expectations. Before they knew it, the band were caught up in a whirlwind of intense touring, mounting public attention and the opportunity to record their debut […]

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Welcome to Alternative Press’ selection of the 1980s’ 11 best punk drummers. One key factor happened that changed it, and the character of its musicianship: hardcore. ‘70s punk posited that Anyone Could Do It. While this was true on paper, some degree of basic musicianship was required to make truly great punk rock. This was […]

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English punks IDLES are back with CRAWLER, a follow-up to their critically acclaimed Ultra Mono. The album features two previously released singles, “The Beachland Ballroom” and “Car Crash,” both with accompanying videos. Read more: Check out these rare photos of punk legends, as captured by Jim Saah The recent release of “Car Crash” features footage […]

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Vocalist Joe Talbot and guitarist Mark Bowen dissect the post-punk outfit’s latest release.
IDLES Break Down New Album CRAWLER Track by Track: Exclusive
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The song appears on the soundtrack to the indie rom-com Mark, Mary & Some Other People.
Green Day Drop New Single “Holy Toledo!”: Stream
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The punk rock veteran will release his To Victory EP on November 26th.
Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen Premieres “Gods and Guns” from Debut Solo EP: Stream
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Berkeley’s Rancid, history’s most commercially successful street punk band, also have deep-running ska/rock steady/reggae roots. After all, both singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong and bassist Matt Freeman got their start in 924 Gilman Street heroes Operation Ivy, who almost single-handedly invented ska-core. Don’t buy it? Listen to “Sound System” and you tell us. With such a pedigree, […]

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The White Stripes garage rock list

Two U.K. televisual musical moments from the turn of the century, both involving stripped-down young rock ‘n’ roll bands: First up, the White Stripes on long-standing U.K. pop showcase Top Of The Pops, in February 2002. “Fell In Love With A Girl” began its chart-shaking international climb, and Jack and Meg White entered English living […]

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