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In a world defined by genres and factions, Jean Dawson stands in a world of his own, influenced by ’90s rock to modern hip-hop. With the release of his true debut album, Pixel Bath, in 2020, Dawson is quickly taking the music world by storm. Making a myriad of sounds and emotional experiences accessible to […]

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Bay Area punk trio Grumpster might roll their eyes if you use the phrase “next big thing” to describe their concise ’90s guitar-rock vibes. Bassist/vocalist Falyn Walsh, guitarist Lalo Gonzalez Deetz and drummer Noel Agtane conjure the halcyon days of alt-rock eras gone by. Alternative Press is premiering the video for “Growing Pains,” which can […]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one great lesson. Humans are social creatures, and relationships are both important and fragile. By the sounds of it, Brooklyn, New York rockers Bloody Your Hands know that far too well. Alternative Press is premiering their new track “Insensitive Apologies” today, because you can feel depressed and still want […]

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