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Noel Gallagher

Documentary premieres in U.S. via AXS TV Dec. 8 For more, check out: (Source)

Andy Cotterill

We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc.

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Earlier this month, Noel called his brother a hologram, and soon after Liam showed he was made of flesh and bone — coincidence? Probably For more, check out: (Source)

'Oasis Knebworth 1996'

Oasis are celebrated in a new documentary by music video director Jake Scott titled Oasis Knebworth 1996. The film will have a worldwide release starting Sept. 23, and tickets are available here. In 1996, Oasis brought 250,000 fans to Knebworth House in Hertfordshire for two nights of music. The event is a milestone in music […]

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Sharon Latham

Noel Gallagher usually handed over lead vocal duties to his brother Liam in Oasis, but he has been known to perform those old hits in concert, and not just tracks he sang on the records like “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” However, until yesterday on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 broadcast had he sung “Live Forever,” one of the iconic singles from Oasis’ 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe. But he recently came up with an arrangement for the song that works with his voice, and he intends to keep performing it going forward at gigs with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

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September 1963: A young R&B combo called the Rolling Stones are rehearsing, preparing for a recording session. Their manager, former Beatles publicist Andrew Loog Oldham, was tearing his hair out. They were about to record their second single, a follow-up to their modestly successful remake of Chuck Berry’s “Come On.” But they had one problem: […]

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Here's a father-son moment you've gotta love. Continue reading…

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Britpop was the sound of England taking back rock ‘n’ roll after American grunge and alt rock had annexed the world’s airwaves and charts for the first half of the ‘90s. Vox amps, Union Jacks, 1964 Paul McCartney haircuts, Ben Sherman shirts and Chelsea boots became all the rage, as bands plundered their British Invasion, […]

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noel gallagher gibson j-150

Gibson just released the new Noel Gallagher J-150, a recreation of the musician’s Gibson J-150. Gallagher has used his acoustic Gibson for over 20 years, first making an appearance with it in the music video for Oasis’ “Little By Little.” The Noel Gallagher J-150 has a AA maple back and sides with a spruce top, […]

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AFI Bodies Tour 2021

AFI have announced their long-awaited return to the stage with the Bodies tour in support of their latest full-length. Bodies, which was released June 11, marks the group’s first major release since 2017’s AFI (The Blood Album). The tour is scheduled to kick off Feb. 11, 2022 in San Diego. Read more: Kane Caples knows […]

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