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If you’re a fan of alternative music, you are well aware that emo is way more than just a phase. It’s a sound, it’s a subculture and it’s a lifestyle to be a forever emo kid. Emo didn’t die back in 2009—it’s alive, and artists are expanding the genre more than ever. Read more: 10 emo […]

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tumblr musicians, lorde, taylor momsen, marina and the diamons

Now that the scene revival of 2019 has somewhat subsided, the soft grunge pinks and deep blues of the Tumblr era are back in full swing. Between 2009 and 2014, women such as Marina And The Diamonds (now known as MARINA) and Lana Del Rey were dominating the Tumblr dashboard. Grimes was stealing hyperpop hearts, […]

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Those Without Magnolia Park Forever Emerald The Home Team modern bands 2000s sounds soundalikes pop punk new artists

We knew we meant it when we said it wasn’t a phase. What we didn’t know, however, was just how attached we were going to be to 2000s pop punk forever. Fortunately, despite the mainstream decline, the genre is alive and well. While many early favorites such as All Time Low and Mayday Parade continue to thrive, we’re […]

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Final albums by alternative artists | Alternative band breakups

Is there anything more devastating than going back to an album and knowing it represents a sense of finality? Given the heartbreaking reality of band breakups, it happens way too often. Fortunately, when an album is worth its sentimental weight in gold, it softens the blow a bit. Whether our favorite artists have parted ways after […]

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band name origins, between the buried and me, rage against the machine, st vincent, all time low

For as long as music has existed, artists have been inspiring other artists. Right here within our own beloved scene, we’ve witnessed many examples of newer-era bands drawing inspiration from the OGs. What’s especially endearing is that not only have bands influenced each other in terms of musical style; they’ve also taken from the lyrics […]

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Kyle Crawford album covers Alternative cover art

The scene era taught us just how important album covers are. Seriously, we can’t even start to fathom the collective hours we spent uploading art for records we’d pulled from totally legal sources. Did you know, though, that many of the most iconic cover designs of the era came from the same creative mind? Kyle Crawford […]

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grammy performances, alanis morissette, amy winehouse, dua lipa, st vincent, gwen stefani

The Grammys are finally coming up this week, after being postponed from its original January date, and the night is going to be filled with women celebrating major accomplishments in music. While last year was a mess in almost every regard, one good thing did happen: The Recording Academy unveiled the nominations, and it was […]

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soundcloud underground artists, aneglus, fraxiom, d0llywood1

You may discover these artists listed in movements ranging anywhere from trap and emo rap to hyperpop, hexD/surge and glitchcore. But we recognize a scene kid when we see one. Check out these artists who are changing the game in SoundCloud’s trap/emo-rap underground by throwing it back to the 2000s Myspace era in unique and […]

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Active scene bands modern alternative artists

The further we get into our scene “phases,” the more we understand the concept of “love and loss” as it pertains to music. Over the years, we’ve lost a number of our favorite bands to breakups and significant genre changes. Fortunately, though, there are still a number who have stayed active and alternative. While it’s easy to […]

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Best opening tracks on scene albums Alternative music hits

In a culture driven by instant gratification, it’s important to start off on the right foot when putting out content. This of course doubles for music, especially now that streaming services put a seemingly endless number of albums at our fingertips. Fortunately for the alternative music scene, starting off strong has been a long-set precedent. […]

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