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It’s an easy mistake to think that you’ve explored every corner of your favorite bands’ discographies. In reality, though, we’re only getting a glimpse through a small window at their creative ventures. That’s because for every album and EP produced, there are a handful of demos that didn’t make the cut. Fortunately, we’re often given […]

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Best B-Sides of the '90s

Ever get into a conversation about a great song from the ’90s, only to be told it was never actually a single but a B-side instead? You’re flabbergasted and immediately begin pointing out that the band in question play the song live all the time, which is a clear indicator that if it wasn’t, at […]

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[Photo by: Ashley Osborn] Released back in 2016, 13 Voices marked Sum 41‘s return to music after nearly five years. The album which features songs including “Fake My Own Death” and “War,” went on to debut at no. 9 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. Now, with the help of Hopeless Records, Sum 41 are […]

We Are The In Crowd just dropped two special b-sides that they think deserved to see the light of day. Both songs came on some physical copies of their 2014 record Weird Kids. So, there’s a good chance some people didn’t even know they existed.  Now, the tracks “Perfect Reason” and “Waiting” are on streaming for the very […]