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bishop briggs x sueco cover story issue 399

In issue 399, we featured Bishop Briggs and Sueco as cover artists. During our conversations, the two artists detailed their careers, their inspirations and their vision. They also spoke to the changing nature of alternative music and their ambitious visions for their own career. Along the way, they revealed their shared work ethic, a thoughtful […]

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Destroy Boys 'Open Mouth, Open Heart'

Destroy Boys have shared their third full-length, Open Mouth, Open Heart, with fans today. Following previously released singles such as “Drink” and “Locker Room Bully,” Open Mouth, Open Heart was produced by Will Yip (Panic! At The Disco, Mannequin Pussy, the Mezingers) during lockdown. Read more: Left Hand LA’s Julie Kucharski on sustainable thrift-inspired design […]

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Bands always have two options: keep with your same sound or evolve and try something new. Results may vary! Continue reading…

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That didn't age well. Continue reading…

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lauran hibberd goober ep review

Rising alternative star Lauran Hibberd is proving why her music matters with her new EP, Goober, via eOne. In a genre with so much competition for airwaves, Hibberd shines brightly with her refreshingly spunky sound and sarcastic lyricism. From “How Am I Still Alive?,” the indie-rock collab with Lydia Night of the Regrettes to the […]

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WILLOW willow smith

It’s easy to feel like you know Willow Smith. Born into the public eye, her every move has been traced from the beginning, labels flung from all sides from those determined to figure her out. At one time or another, she’s been the “child star,” the “alt-R&B soul child” and the “precocious” teen host of […]

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iDKHOW 363

When you think of musical duos, your first thought may be twenty one pilots, but they’re not the only two-piece creating killer tunes. These bands have certainly proven that you don’t need to fill out the stage to fill the room with hits, so open your mind and your heart to these other twosomes worthy […]

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my chemical romance beyonce songs that define an era

Music often leaves a deep mark on its era. Songs become embedded in our consciousness through their ability to perfectly capture a moment. They are burned even deeper into history through stories, newsreels and documentary footage, circulated by word-of-mouth as well as official documentation. For this reason, music gets mixed up somewhere between ourselves and […]

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You may be surprised by those who are Platinum multiple times over. Continue reading…

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against the current again&again

Against The Current explore feeling trapped in your own head in their new single “again&again,” featuring guardin.  Along with sharing the song, the Fueled By Ramen artists announced their new upcoming EP fever, which will include previously released tracks “weapon” and “that won’t save us.” Arriving July 23, the seven-track EP will be the first […]

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