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Trash Boat album anatomy

On their latest album, Trash Boat break out of the pop-punk bubble to take on a variety of new musical styles while tackling personal and societal issues, from addiction and frustration to inequality and discrimination. For AltPress issue 397’s Album Anatomy section, Vocalist Tobi Duncan explains how it all went down. NO GENRE, JUST GOOD […]

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David Bowie TikTok-min

Nothing’s been right since David Bowie died, Jan. 10, 2016. The rise of Trumpism? COVID-19? The Big Bang Theory going off the air? Would any of these things have happened if Bowie was still striding the Earth? Well, probably. But his new records would’ve acted as a buffer, even if these shitty elements remained intolerable. […]

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best 1998 albums, alkaline trio, hole, beastie boys, the offpsring

1998 really wasn’t that long ago, but after saying the number 2021 out loud, it feels like it happened during another lifetime. To put things in perspective, Billie Eilish was born three years after 1998, and, hell, even FINNEAS was born the year before. Despite the fact that said year was toward the end of […]

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David James Swanson

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Before Kurt Cobain‘s sudden death in April 1994, Nirvana shared some wild times throughout their career. Now, former rock promoter David McLean has revealed how Nirvana ended up playing football against Chippendales strippers during their 1991 tour. Read more: There’s a Captain America goof in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ you likely missed McLean first started in the […]

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Already evolved from its origins yet not as crystalized as the 2000s wave in its sound, post-hardcore in the ’90s was a special kind of life form. These guitar intros will help you find your way into this unique decade for the genre. Check them out below. Read more: Joey Santiago still likes the idea […]

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  Starting this week Placebo will premiere full festival performances from across their career. In the wake of a whole summer of festival appearances being unfortunately cancelled due to Coronavirus, the Placebo vaults have been […] For more, go to: (Source)